Prepare to be unprepared

Preparing ordinary people to lead in crisis

Studying spontaneous leadership in Hurricane Harvey!


We are on the ground in Rockport TX doing a case study around Zachary Dearing and the Live Oak School shelter!

Follow our efforts, and HELP US fund this seminal research!

Responding to a spontaneous world

We imagine a world where every group of people includes someone who is ready to step up to leadership in a disaster. A world that is prepared to be unprepared.

Spontaneous leadership

Disaster is unpredictable. No matter how well you prepare, plans fail, supplies are lacking, people are absent. The world needs individuals who can improvise an effective response to any kind of crisis. Using the people and resources at hand. The world needs spontaneous leaders.

We develop and deliver events to help individuals learn the skills of spontaneous leaders. We grow understanding of spontaneous leadership through our ongoing research. We bridge learning and research through engagement with others.

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