Creative Crisis Leadership

We are a small team of dedicated individuals working to bring Creative Crisis Leadership to life. When the time is right, we will file for non-profit status, but, for now, we are under fiscal sponsorship of the Social Good Fund.

Vision and execution

Susanne Jul, PhD

Susanne is our founder and driving force. Her expertise spans research and practice ranging from disaster management to software engineering to theatre to user experience design.

Susanne is driven by a love of drawing clarity from confusion.

Research and human behavior

Zeno E. Franco, PhD

Zeno leads our research in the areas of human behavior and crisis management. His expertise is in research related to clinical psychology, community engagement, the psychology of crisis response, and heroic action.

Zeno is driven by a love of understanding human behavior and crisis response.

Learning experiences

Aaron Vanek

Aaron is the lead designer for our immersive learning experiences. His expertise is in interactive game design, live-action roleplay, teaching, and film and video production and exhibition.

Aaron is driven by a love of the learning power of games.


Help needed

COVID-19 is pushing us to evolve quickly. Right now, we need volunteers to help with


Help Needed

Help needed

Our thanks

People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about.

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

We extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the extended group of people who have helped us to make things happen:

  1. Patti L. Fry, non-profit mentor, quiet supporter, and strategic role model
  2. Gail Chappell, editor and writer extraordinaire
  3. Sandy MacMahon, personal mentor, coach, and ruthless keeper of commitments
  4. All Good Work and The Satellite Co-working Centers, providers of affordable workspace
  5. Amy Feldman, honest critic and enthusiastic cheerleader
  6. Tom Busk, grant writer and community preparedness advisor
  7. Megan Hobza, grant writer and larping enthusiast
  8. Erin Zimmerman, copy-writer and vibrant sounding board