The Wall of Gratitude

Thank you

To all the amazing people who have given freely of their time, talents and wisdom.


  1. Amy Magnus, enthusiastic illustrator with mathematical insight
  2. Sam Manning, website prototyper with flair for design and results
  3. Ivy Ho, brilliant concept illustrator and talented web designer
  4. Lyrics Howling, dedicated content writer and supreme organizer
  5. Dinçer Parker, web designer with method as well as madness
  6. Katherine Yamasaki, massively-gifted web and and inspired logo designer
  7. Britta Fiore-Gartland, accomplished research interviewer with a talent for flexibility
  8. Eden Heller, accomplished grassroots efforts tracker-downer
  9. Erin Bartuska, research recruiting and scheduling process maven
  10. Melanie Tory, accomplished grassroots efforts tracker-downer
  11. Zach Pipkin, data analysis junkie with exceptional gifts for productivity and presentation
  12. Amy Alberts, staunch supporter with straight-to-the-point questions
  13. Victoria Zhambalova, whole-hearted grassroots efforts tracker-downer
  14. Meghan Ede, ux researcher and grassroots organizer with a penchant for uncomfortable questions
  15. Garett Dworman, unflappable researcher with ruthless commitment to qualitative truth
  16. Malina Cheeneebash, service designer and community connector with astonishing depths
  17. Hannah Feldman, brutally insightful writer and process designer
  18. Kyle Brown, unfailing quester, voluminous writer, and tenacious ally
  19. Adriana Orland, abnormally clear-headed and remorselessly compassionate ux researcher
  20. Susan Drucker Hunsaker, annoyingly persistent executive coach


  1. Nupur Gunjan, thoughtful marketing consultant and Taproot volunteer
  2. Kris Gill, creative business consultant and advisor
  3. Erin Zimmerman, copy-writer and vibrant sounding board
  4. Megan Hobza, grant writer and larping enthusiast
  5. Tom Busk, grant writer and community preparedness advisor
  6. Amy Feldman, honest critic and enthusiastic cheerleader
  7. Sandy MacMahon, personal mentor, coach, and ruthless keeper of commitments
  8. Gail Chappell, editor and writer extraordinaire
  9. Patti L. Fry, non-profit mentor, quiet supporter, and strategic role model