Spreading social resilience.

Empowering spontaneous leaders.

COVID-19 and Creative Crisis Leadership

Normally, we prepare people to improvise during a future crisis. But we know that many people are doing what needs to be done, right now. With the support of the User Research team at Tableau Software, and of a team of General Assembly alumni, we are working to determine how we can help their good ideas become great grassroots efforts. We will be updating the website with findings and service plans as quickly as we are able.

Support our mission by helping your local community find creative ways to share resources and work together, or by considering supporting our efforts with a tax-deductible contribution.

Our vision

We imagine a world where everyone is ready to work with the people around them to pool resources and share hope and ideas when the worst happens. Because individuals and communities who help themselves in a crisis recover faster and come out stronger physically, emotionally and financially.

Our mission

We use our expertise in research and educational design to provide community organizations (and others) with effective and reliable ways of helping community members to develop the skills, mindsets and confidence needed to improvise a crisis response.

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