Act. Improvise. Overcome.

Making extraordinary grassroots crisis response ordinary.

We create impact by

Supporting spontaneous leaders

We believe that even those who act can use help.

People who step up to help themselves and others often act even though they’re inexperienced, overwhelmed, or unsure how to move forward. We provide services to help them succeed.

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Training micro-communities

We believe that acting starts with practicing.

We don’t want someone’s first crisis to be the Big One. We design immersive learning experiences that let people practice helping themselves and the people around them in a crisis. Then we teach community organizations to spread learning in their communities.

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Driving research

We don’t believe in guessing.

All of our work is grounded in proven research, systematic experimentation, and continual evaluation. We work with researchers to exchange ideas and methods across disciplines. If no one has the answers we need, or we need a dose of reality, we do our own research.

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Holiday fun with wildfire!

Holiday fun with wildfire!

We would like to give you a gift. 24 times. Once a day from Dec 1 to Dec 24. The 2021 Wildfire Advent Calendar from Creative Crisis Leadership will...

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Get involved


We welcome individuals who want to bring their talents to our mission. Even if we don’t know that we need them!

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Get in touch if you want to help make the world more socially resilient.


If your organizational mission overlaps ours, we’d like to talk about partnership possibilities. We can achieve more by sharing knowledge and efforts.

Please get in touch if you think a partnership might benefit your organization.


We can’t help others without sponsors and supporters helping us. Your financial, moral, and practical support will enable us to keep going.

Get in touch if you can sponsor any of our individual activities, programs, or overall effort.

We empower people and communities to help themselves in crisis.

We increase social resilience by spreading the confidence, courage, and skills people need to improvise collaboration and leadership in situations of chaos and uncertainty. Because people and communities who help themselves recover faster and better.

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