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It Doesn’t Work that Way! Larping for Disaster Preparedness
Susanne Jul, Aaron Vanek. Presentation to the International Academic Conference “Consolidation of Society: Larp as a social tool.” 2017.

Heroism in Times of Crisis: Understanding Leadership during Extreme Events
Zeno E. Franco. Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership. 2016.

Community Views of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s ‘Whole Community’ Strategy in a Complex US City: Re-envisioning Societal Resilience
Heather Koch, Zeno E. Franco, Tracey O’Sullivan, Mia C. DeFino, Syed Ahmed. Technology Forecasting and Social Change. 2016.

Live Action Role-Playing (Larp): Insight Into an Underutilized Educational Tool
Aaron Vanek, Andrew Peterson. Learning, Education and Games. 2016.

Using Social Network Analysis to Explore Issues of Latency, Connectivity, Interoperability & Sustainability in Community Disaster Response
Zeno Franco, Syed Ahmed, Craig Kuziemsky, Paul Biedrzycki, Anne Kissack. 10th International ISCRAM Conference. 2013.

Heroism: A Conceptual Analysis and Differentiation between Heroic Action and Altruism
Zeno E. Franco, Kathy Blau, Philip G. Zimbardo. Review of General Psychology. 2011.

You Get What You Plan For! (.key)
Susanne Jul. 7th International ISCRAM Conference. 2010.

Structuring the Problem Space of User Interface Design for Disaster Response Technologies
Susanne Jul. Information Systems For Emergency Management. 2009.

Prepare to be Unprepared: Human Resources
Susanne Jul. WCDM presentation. 2007.