“U” and “I” make a micro-community

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Training

The word “community” keeps coming up as we talk about our plans and thoughts. It struck me this morning that “micro-community” is much more appropriate.

We are all part of many communities at different levels. At the highest level, we are mere motes in some cosmic community. At a simpler level, we are giants in a micro-community. A micro-community that consists of whatever little corner of the world we happen to be in. As we move through the world, and the world moves around us, this micro-community changes. But we are constant. We are each always at the center of our micro-community.

Creative Crisis Leadership is about recognizing and engaging micro-communities. Helping people learn to anchor their own micro-community, whenever or wherever they need it (or it needs them). In other words, to be micro-community leaders.

“U” may be at the center of community, but “U” and “I” make a micro-community.