Empowered by co-working

by | Dec 8, 2018 | Organization

Working alone is hard. Working alone from home and out of coffee shops is hard. Even in Silicon Valley where a million others are doing the same.

So we are thrilled to announce that Creative Crisis Leadership now has another place to work: Thanks to the generous donation of Satellite Inc and the enthusiastic efforts of All Good Work, we have a seat at the Satellite co-working center in Sunnyvale CA.

It’s quiet, bright, right next to the train station, and populated with friendly hard-working people. In other words, a great place to develop that theoretical understanding of improvised leadership we need to move forward with some solid learning experiences.

Thank you,

and you,



  1. tony moore

    It sure is hard. thank god i have a beautiful window view and i just got a sign to put on the door that sais “daddy is Working”. But the children cant read yet so its pointless.

    • Susanne

      You could always build a wall. Except they’re so darn expensive!