Fire Tornadoes

by | Dec 2, 2021 | 2021 Wildfire Advent

A fire tornado at the Carr Wildfire

Screenshot of a fire tornado from


This video will give you a new respect and awe for the power of nature:

Fortunately, these extreme phenomena are not something to worry about in our everyday lives. “True fire tornadoes have only been documented now twice [as of 2019 when this video was made]. Once in Redding, California during the Carr Fire, and once in Canberra, Australia during 2003.“

Imagine a wildfire so large that it creates a tornado filled with fire. This is not the same as a fire whirl, which is small and short-lived. “Fire tornadoes and fire whirls both start with strong updrafts from the fire, and strong inflows related to the fire itself, but fire tornadoes get even bigger because the fire is actually initiating its own weather system.” Wow.

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