7 Tips visual challenge results!

by | May 15, 2022 | COVID-19, Leaders, News, Research

We recently presented the amazingly creative Verbal to Visual community — led by the inspired and inspiring Doug Neill — with a challenge: Create a one-page sketchnote to make the “7 Tips for Being Effective in a Crisis” we identified in our research easy to remember.

(Sketchnoting combines doodles, sketches, and words to enhance learning, problem-solving and communication through visual thinking.)

Here is some of what these very talented people came up with. Feel free to print, frame and share!

Lai Chee Chiu

When Lai Chee Chiu was looking for an outing for her team, she found a workshop where you could ‘draw for work’ while having drinks and pizza, discovered sketchnoting, and reignited her love for drawing. Today she uses her skills to design workshops and bring them alive through visual storytelling and facilitation.

Her work is characterized by bold lines, strong characters, confident use of color, and playful humor. She is available to support your work, but beware, she only accepts projects “with the purpose to convey a message”!

Coralie Rozenblum

Coralie “Coco” Rozenblum is a sketchnoting novice, and is less confident in her skills than they deserve. She wants to use sketchnotes to capture notes and to facilitate conversations with clients in her coaching practice.

Her work is characterized by deep empathy, charming storytelling, and a simplicity and elegance of line.

Coach Jason

“Coach Jason” is a bit of an enigma in the community. We know he/she/they lives in Atlanta, works digitally, and always offers positive and constructive comments, but that’s about it.

What we can see is that his work is characterized by strong visual storylines and delightful humor.

Benoit Leclair

Benoit Leclair is relatively new to sketchnoting, but you wouldn’t know it from his work! Given that he has a degree in architecture, a career in steel construction management, and is a business analyst, it’s not surprising that he excels in bringing visual clarity to complex processes.

His work is characterized by lyric flows, rich information content, well-balanced layouts and exquisite details. Benoit is available to help you with your special projects.