Eight wishes for 2023!

by | Dec 29, 2022 | 2022 Twelve Days of Thanks and Giving, News


On the eighth day of Thanks and Giving, we give to you … eight wishes for 2023!

  1. We wish for no disasters to happen so no one has to suffer pain and loss.
  2. We wish for all communities to be socially resilient so they recover faster and better from disaster.
  3. We wish for everyone to act, improvise and overcome together in crisis so our work is complete.
  4. We wish for more talent and time on our team so we can help more communities prepare to be unprepared.
  5. We wish for us to complete the Twelve Days of Thanks and Giving quickly after our holiday break so we can apply what we’ve learned to grow our impact.
  6. We wish for unicorns and porcupines to inspire hope and joy in the world.
  7. We wish for us to win the lottery so we don’t have to ask you to donate now to help (some of) our wishes to come true.
  8. We wish for YOU to have a safe, prosperous and joyfilled year.

May we all receive all that we need.


To celebrate the thanks of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, today, we give a very special thanks to the people who have supported our work this year, including Jock Mackinlay and Polle Zellweger, Maurita Holland, Dick and Rita Juhl, Norma Bowles and George Furnas.


In case we don’t win the lottery, please a small donation to
support our work.
We thank you for all that you give.