Holiday Puzzle 3 | It’s about time!

by | Dec 15, 2023 | 2023 Holiday Puzzles, News, Training, Wildfire

Imagine that you have to evacuate quickly, how long will it take you to leave? Consider:

  1. How long to get everyone out β€” everyone in the car and gone!?
  2. How long to gather essentials β€” medications, personal documents, cash, …?
  3. How long to pack basic needs β€” clothing, food, water, electronics, …?

Give us your estimate in the comments below.

For tips on what you might want to think about, see this checklist.

Open to reveal the answer

Alas, we don’t know how long it will take you to evacuate. However, here is a useful way for you to think about what it will take:

How many trips to the car is do you have time for?

  • Only 1? What will you take? How long will that take you?
  • Time for another? What will you take next? How long will that take?
  • Another?

Note that each trip requires more time rearranging the car (and maybe looking for bungee cords)!

No car? How much can you carry?

For 1 million bonus points: How long will it take you if you have prepared with handy-dandy checklists and a few pre-packed bags?

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