Holiday Puzzle 8 | Crossword disaster

by | Dec 22, 2023 | 2023 Holiday Puzzles, News

Tis the season to be jolly and wise about the natural forces that shape our world. Our holiday crossword puzzle is a merry foray into the variety of natural disasters!

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  1. blizzard: Occuring during winter months, this disaster makes it difficult to travel (and may cause you to lose power)
  2. tornado: This type of disaster is typically mesasured by the “f scale”
  3. heatwave: A period of abnormally hot weather, keep your water and suncreen near by!
  4. earthquake: Disaster that occurs when two techtonic plates move suddenly
  5. wildfire: Natural or man-made disaster, resulting in extreme heat. Can move very rapidly and damage human and natural habitats
  6. tsunami: If you live near a coastline, you may be in danger from this large wave
  7. flood: Things are getting deep! When waterways overflow, you might be experiencing one of these
  8. volcano: Some may lay dormant for hundreds of years
  9. landslide: Can occur when a natural slope becomes unstable
  10. drought: A natural disaster where there is a extreme lack of water

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