Have a block party with a twist!

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Training

We’re looking for a few Palo Alto residents to help organize a block party with a twist.

What’s the twist? It’s a live-action simulation designed to help families and neighbors practice their response to a catastrophic earthquake. Participants face the prospect of being without everyday services such as water, electricity, cell phones, and internet. With stores closed and emergency services busy elsewhere, they quickly discover what resources they can rely on. Most importantly, the people around them.

We’re Creative Crisis Leadership. Our goal is to increase community resilience to disaster. We provide the learning experience. You provide the neighbors and the party. Together we make it happen. In the words of a participant, “It is a great way to meet neighbors and gain comfort in working together.”

Lead the way in helping your neighbors get to know one another, have fun, and be ready to depend on each other in a major disaster. Check our organizer FAQ, and get in touch with our local team lead, Susanne Jul, for more information.

Susanne Jul
sjul at creativecrisisleadership.org

Pictures from our May 20 pilot event:

Practicing “duck, cover, and hold.”


Getting to someone trapped in a room.


Helping each other.