Holiday fun with wildfire!

by | Nov 30, 2021 | News, Projects, Wildfire

Embroidered advent calendar with packages

We would like to give you a gift. 24 times. Once a day from Dec 1 to Dec 24.

The 2021 Wildfire Advent Calendar from Creative Crisis Leadership will share lessons from our Wildfire Project. There will be tips from people who have been through wildfire, trivia about fire and firefighting, and even some Science. Even if you don’t have to worry about wildfire where you live, you’re bound to learn something to amaze your friends.

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Share your daily advent gift with your friends and family to help spread wildfire readiness. Make a donation to help us to do the same.

About advent calendars

While advent calendars started as a Christian tradition, it has become part of secular culture in many places.

I grew up with them. As a kid, the walls of my room were papered with advent calendars every December. It took 10 minutes to open all the little doors every morning! The collection consisted of that year’s calendars from town merchants, and all the ones I had saved from prior years.

Then there was the family calendar my mom created every year. And the one in the cover photo, a very typical counted cross-stitch calendar in Danish flower thread. Embroidered by none other than me.

Here’s a brief history of advent calendars with some fun trivia.


We’re already thinking about what holiday tradition we might honor next year. We’d love to hear your suggestions!