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$2475 raised!

Aug 14. $2475. 8448 feet for Resilience

Thank you, Lisa, Archer, Karin, Mia, Kirsten, Luis, Erik, Peggy, Susan, Barbara, Suzanne, Kat, Pat, Noah, Leanne, Sheryl, Peter, Arthur, Renata, Claus, Anne, Elizabeth, George, Garett, Louiqa, Leland!

25 days to go!

Disrupting routines

Disaster disrupts your ordinary routines. Much like traveling.

Pools aren’t very portable, and it can be challenging to keep up your training on the road. Fortunately, Ft. Bragg CA has the fabulous CV Starr Community Center so I was able to get one good workout in this weekend.

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Not swimming at the library!

We were at a preparedness event at the St Helena Public Library yesterday. Here’s a short video to give you an idea what it sometimes looks like when we go out to spread social resilience and disaster preparedness.

This board game is part of our efforts to address the challenge of getting the public interested and engaged in disaster preparedness.

Thanks to our partners, Napa Valley COAD and St. Helena Public Library!