Research Roundtables

Great minds, great questions

What theory will accelerate community crisis recovery?

Stimulating conversation

Creative Crisis Leadership and re+connect host roundtable discussions to advance theory of grassroots crisis response. We bring innovative thinkers together at the same (virtual) table to inspire the kinds of conversations that happen in hallways and pubs at conferences. Roundtables promote the free flow of ideas across research disciplines and institutions.

What is a Research Roundtable?

A Research Roundtable is a moderated virtual meeting that gives 4-8 participants the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation on a topic of shared interest.

What are the goals?

For participants? To spark ideas, start fruitful collaborations, and open opportunities for sharing data.

For us? To ensure that our products and services have the theoretical foundations they need to deliver reliable replicable results.

Who can participate?

We welcome participants, from any field of study, who are interested in using systematic knowledge and research thinking to help communities recover from crisis.

What’s the outcome?

We will share a summary, recording and transcript of each discussion with participants, and help disseminate great insights.

Discussion topics

We want to establish common ground around grassroots crisis response. Therefore, our inaugural series centers on these broad topics:

  • What is the role of grassroots crisis response in disaster management?
  • What psycho-sociological factors figure in grassroots crisis response?
  • What research methods are needed to understand and “measure” grassroots crisis response?

Going forward, there are many areas of research that touch upon grassroots crisis response (see the diagram below). We welcome your help in selecting topics for future discussions.



We don’t have exact dates yet, but are targeting March 2021 to kick off our inaugural series. Subscribe to the email list to stay informed.

Get involved


Send us suggestions for topics you’d like to discuss. Or add them to the comments below.


Help to organize a session. You bring the topic and possible participants. Together, we’ll make it happen.


Sponsor a single discussion, or support a series so we can bring great minds to the table, and spread their insights.


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