Wildfire readiness

Playing without fire

Helping communities find direction and confidence to help themselves before they face the fire

Project overview

Wildfires are sudden, scary, and unpredictable. Large ones may disrupt the daily lives of people across large geographic areas, while drawing the vast majority of response resources to fighting the fire. This leaves most people to fend for themselves.

What’s the goal?

The purpose of the project is to grow CCL’s training program, improve the social resilience of 3-4 local communities, and prepare the way for on-going local training programs.

What are we doing?

We are designing an immersive learning experience to increase social resilience in the face of wildfire threats, and will conduct pilot events in 3-4 local communities.

When will it happen?

The project is projected to take six months, with pilot events taking place late August early October, and data analysis and evaluation reporting wrapping up by the end of 2021.

What will we produce?

Tested materials for delivering and evaluating a live learning experience, including train-the-trainer materials.

Project plan

The project comprises (overlapping) five phases:

  1. Define learning objectives and pilot program requirements
  2. Design learning experience and evaluation measures
  3. Develop pilot program logistics and support
  4. Deliver pilot events
  5. Debrief project participants and data

Each phase yields its own deliverables, and involves different collaborative partners:

Get involved

Communication Platform Researcher


Help us find a communication platform that will let us manage live training events.


As soon as possible


1-3 months


We need a simple communication platform that enables fun and engaging interaction with game participants. We need someone to research what gaming, simulation, or similar tools are out there, and see if one of them can be adapted to meet our needs.


We’re looking for community partners to give us input on local needs, and work with us to deliver pilot events in their local communities.


Sponsor a single event, invest in a community pilot, or support the project so we can increase social resilience locally, now, and globally, going forward.


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