2021 Wildfire Advent Calendar complete!

by | Dec 28, 2021 | News, Projects, Training, Wildfire


If you didn’t have a chance to follow our very successful 2021 Wildfire Advent Calendar, here is the full list:

  1. How do wildfires get their names?
    Learn how wildfires are named in California.
  2. Fire tornadoes
    See the drama of how large fires create their own weather events.
  3. Wildfire, it affects EVERYONE
    Understand the staggering impact of wildfires.
  4. Don’t inhale!
    Even an N95 mask isn’t adequate protection from wildfire smoke.
  5. “My God, it’s so simple!”
    The basics of “hardening” your house against wildfire.
  6. Change the odds, save your house
    Discover the two main steps to protecting your urban house against wildfire.
  7. Don’t drone near a wildfire
    Find out how unauthorized drones near a wildfire threaten lives.
  8. How do you fight a wildfire?
    Learn the basic strategy of wildfire fighting.
  9. Do not hesitate, evacuate early!
    There are many benefits to leaving early.
  10. Who causes more wildfires? Humans vs Nature!
    The data for Smokey the Bear’s admonition are pretty compelling.
  11. Community programs: Firewise and CERT
    Two national programs that you can work with in your own community.
  12. The 5 phases of disaster management
    The framework professionals use to organize their thoughts and actions.
  13. How are wildfires measured?
    Understand how do scientists and professional talk about the size of a fire.
  14. Can Mary get arrested?
    Learn what different evacuation orders really mean.
  15. It ain’t over till it’s over
    The effects of a wildfire can linger long after the flames are out.
  16. 17,325 gardens and a scrapie thingie
    Fighting a wildfire takes a lot of people and a lot of hard physical work.
  17. Embers happen!
    Understand what your concerns should be when there’s a wildfire in your area.
  18. Prescription Rx for our forests?
    Prescribed burns are both an old and a new approach to forest management.
  19. Wildfires run faster
    See the data for your chances of outrunning a wildfire.
  20. Getting Ready to Evacuate
    Get clear on what your priorities should be when you might have to evacuate because of a wildfire.
  21. When in doubt, throw it out!
    Learn some things about evacuating that you might not have thought about.
  22. Your greatest asset
    The people around you are likely to be the most important to you in getting through a wildfire.
  23. Please help us to set some fires!
    We need your support to develop a new approach to helping communities to prepare for wildfire.
  24. Wildfire tribute
    A salute to all the people who help get us through wildfires.